Our Services

Excellent service delivery is at the core of our operations, we offer the right balance of services that can guide your product to success.

our services

services we offer

Our services focus on key areas that impact the success of a mobile product. We fundamentally believe great mobile apps are built on great strategies. We offer to collaborate with you to come up with effective strategies that help to identify the success criteria for your idea, help craft a unique brand identity, translate this into higly performant mobile applications and offer variying after sales support that continue to address the needs of your customers.

  • Mobile Strategy

    We offer informed guidance to help you define your product vision and objectives, identify your target customers, understand your competition, improve user experience and provide customer value by meeting their needs.

  • Mobile Branding

    We offer wireframing, branding, User Interface and User Experience design for your product. Our keen focus is on how your actual customers use your mobile app, creatively infusing design and functionality.

  • App Development

    We build using modern programming languages, such as Swift, Kotlin, and proven technologies that allow us to take advantage of the full capabilities and quality experience of your customer's phone.

  • App Maintenance

    A great mobile strategy doesn't end when your app is published. We offer after sales support to ensure that your product functions and adapts to meet whatever growing needs your customers may have.

we would make your mobile app the best it should be

key reasons why you should work with us

At Ampersand, not only do we speak and write code. We believe our work ethic and dynamism set us apart from the rest of the companies in our industry. Our competitive advantages include:

  • Guiding the Customer Journey

    We treat every customer interaction differently to deliver unique customer experiences for all our customers. We guide our customers on a journey that delivers their software needs on time, budget and at an agreed level of service quality.

  • Our work speaks volumes

    we operate a low-cost marketing and advertising budget simply because the consistent quality of our work gives us an unending channel of referrals from our long list of happy, satisfied customers.

  • Strong knowledge

    Our strong knowledge of our industry value chain positions us to serve both local and international markets. We have built similar software solutions for both local and international clients that have achieved market relevance in different geographic markets.

  • Our passion for Quality

    Our passion for consistency and quality comes from our strong belief in the ultimate creator (God). Every solution we build and deliver is prioritized with an urgency for consistency and quality by our entire team.

  • Dynamic Team

    We are a dynamic team of high-spirited individuals who believe in delivering work quality that does not only match industry standards but also challenges the ability of our team to develop and grow.

  • Delivery On Time

    Time is money, we place a high value on the time we dedicate to crafting solutions. Time wasted cannot be gained, so we make it worth your time.