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A website designed for a boutique digital brand management agency that harnesses the opportunities online for benefit of its clientele to set motion of impact and influence.

  • Services Provided

    • Web App Strategy, Web Design, Web Development
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  • Client

    Abena Chrappah
  • Technologies used

    Wordpress, HMTL, CSS
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- Abena Chrappah
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Concept Management

Logo Brief

Concept Management is geard towards offering solution for today’s school leadership. Their main aim is to work together with school leaders and administration to understand their school’s unique needs, strengths, and challenges. They will then create a strategic plan to help them meet and implement their goals. Concept Management hopes to move from schools to offering good value to small businesses in the near future. Their main target are schools and education related organizations, medium term small businesses.


We decided to build our concept from the brief as well as thoughts and ideas shared by the client. Basically, the entire logo was developed from the initials/ first letter of the name. Incorporating the adinkra symbol Nea Onnim (He who does not know) A symbol of knowledge and learning in order to meet client’s expectation. and also communicate the idea behind the logo

Concept Management