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Danelks Consultancy is a consulting outfit who are innovative and seasoned group of professionals with a knack for success and customer satisfaction . They have a solid understanding of business processes, wealth of relevant work experiences and strong desire to succeed in anything that we do.

We built a website to display the financial and travel services they offer to their clients.

As far as professionalism and work ethics are concerned ampersand technologies is right up there , haven been in the same space with them, I have first hand seen the team work literally around the clock to deliver the best of services to clients  and being clients ourselves, I can confidently say they offer the best of services that meets  international standards yet very affordable. From websites, ios apps and android applications as well as general IT consultations,  ampersand technologies is the place for you.

Mr Koomson
CEO - Danelks Consultancy
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3130 Naturals

Logo Brief

3130 Naturals is a Full Service Natural Hair Salon dedicated to maintaining healthy lush curls. They offer a range of services that help women maintain and style their natural hair.


We designed a logo and providing branding to communicate what the brand stands for. We combined two symbols the Duafe and Ananse Ntontan. The Duafe was a prized possession of the Ghanaian woman use to come and plait her hair. It symbolizes femininity and beauty. This Adinkra symbol is also said to be symbolic of goodness, love and care. It recognizes a special energy women possess. The Ananse Ntontan (spider web) symbol is an Adinkra symbol that symbolizes wisdom and creativity nevertheless it’s an element of beauty.

3130 Naturals