Our Creativity

Made in Ghana for Global reach, we don’t compromise on the products we deliver. Our products speak for us, when we are not in the room.

Strategy Be the Boss

Be the Boss is an iPad App that allows Hostesses of PMI collect user information and profile users through a Quiz Game.

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Be the Boss
Meltwater Executive Alerts
Insights Meltwater Executive Alerts

Meltwater Executive Alerts helps top level executives automatically receive alerts on top articles, hot trends and key people that are shaping industry they are in.

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Music Tuneshelf

Tuneshelf is looking to provide an audio app to artist that allows them to sell and make 100% proceeds on their music.

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Travel Wint

Wint is looking to bring a change into the travel industry by bringing a pinterest like app that is centered around people’s real experiences to help plan your next trip

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