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  • Learning At Ampersand: Asarebea
    Company Learning At Ampersand: Asarebea

    MY FIRST SLICE OF THE TECH PIE My journey as a Techie started in the “manger” of Ampersand Technologies Limited. This may not seem as a big deal to you but as a newbie in those days I was eager-almost impatient to know how to apply my coding skills. More so, I wanted to be a […]

  • Ampersand: Then & Now
    Company Ampersand: Then & Now

    My name is Lady-Omega Hammond, I’m the CEO & co-founder of Ampersand Technologies Ltd.

  • How to turn your idea into an App
    Strategy How to turn your idea into an App

    Photo by Anete Lūsiņa on Unsplash “I have an idea, can you build me an app?” This statement is by far the “most heard” phrase software developers like us hear on a daily! People across the world have tons of ideas running through their minds. Innovative ideas, crazy ideas, foolish ideas and wannabe ideas, everyone is eager to […]

  • Native Versus Hybrid Apps
    Insights Native Versus Hybrid Apps

    Technology has become one of the popular buzz words everyone wants to get a pie of, nonetheless the technology industry is getting exciting! Innovations are getting better by the minute and we are excited to share our thoughts on some of our interests. As one of the best software development companies, we build both mobile […]

  • Learning at Ampersand: Mustapha‘s Experience
    Company Learning at Ampersand: Mustapha‘s Experience

    One thing that’s key for us at Ampersand is the growth of the knowledge and skillset of people in our team. We believe we can impact the next generation of problem solvers by exposing them to the realities now. We always seek to share and encourage young developers to give their best. Mustapha Yussif is a […]

  • Javascript Coffee Beans
    Insights Javascript Coffee Beans

    Hi there! I’m Annie Dumashie, a project manager and front-end developer at Ampersand. As a front-end developer, it is key to improve upon your skills as often as you can. I realised my knowledge in JavaScript was very limited to using event listeners even though i didn’t understand the basic of concepts enough to use […]

  • Learning At Ampersand: Freda
    Company Learning At Ampersand: Freda

    Learning At Ampersand: Freda My initial thought of Ampersand is nothing compared to the experience I had. My assumption was I was going to be in a tech environment that functioned like corporate companies, strict way of dressing and only business related conversations. However, my first encounter with Ampersand was when Lady-Omega did a presentation […]

  • Building Software Solutions The Ampersand Way
    Company Building Software Solutions The Ampersand Way

    Ours is a story of growth, passion, learning and wit. We have pooled our talents to provide software solutions to help businesses and individuals bring their ideas to life. Right from our office in Ghana, the Ampersand dream has begun to grow beyond the bounds of our imagination, and has broadened our reach to Nigeria, […]

  • Using Technology for Your Business: Busting 6 Myths
    Insights Using Technology for Your Business: Busting 6 Myths

    Build an app! Use software, get a business website, download an app! How do you even use these technologies to improve your business? Everyone has their suggestions from their “experience” on using technology to promote creative business ideas, but what’s true and what’s not? Well, if you’ve stopped believing in dragons and fairies then it’s […]

  • Virtual Internship with Ashesi Students
    Social Impact Virtual Internship with Ashesi Students

    We had the opportunity to participate in a Job Shadowing program organised by Ashesi for some of their first years students in Computer Science. We hosted three students consisting of two ladies and one gentleman. We shared what it was like to work in a software development company, the roles each individual plays and the […]